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The Smart Snow residential service is one low flat rate for the entire season, regardless of how much snow falls.  Driveway staking and weather monitoring are included with all residential contracts.  Service is for driveways only; sidewalk clearing is not included.  We offer special discounts to local residents as well as prepay discounts.  Each year, we only accept a limited amount of new work in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain.  We are a hands-on company that goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.  Our routes fill up early; call/signup now!  


Please note that we are only able to provide service to concrete and asphalt driveways.  We cannot provide service to gravel drives, split drives with grass centers, paver drives or stamped/colored concrete drives without the risk of damage to the driveway, turf and/or our equipment.


1 Car Wide x 4 Cars Deep


2 Cars Wide x 1 Car Deep (Up to 60' Long)

REGULAR: $795.00 + tax

LOCAL: $636.00 + tax

all-inclusive rate, no additional fees 


2 Cars Wide x 2 or more Cars Deep

(Up to 60' Long)

REGULAR: $845.00 + tax

LOCAL: $676.00 + tax

all-inclusive rate, no additional fees


Turn-around area, additional parking space, other unusual style, or is over 60' long


all-inclusive rate; no additional fees


  • We will dispatch crews when accumulation approaches 2".  No need to call.

  • Our service covers the entire season from November 1st through April 15th

  • Our experienced crews are often working before city plows even get to residential neighborhoods

  • Makes a great gift for your spouse, parent or grandparent

  • We offer an Early Snowbird Discount when you signup and send a deposit before October 15th

  • We offer a special discount to local residents (click here for a list of our service areas)


We are thrilled to announce that we have added an agricultural tractor with an inverted snow blower

to our snow fleet in order to better serve you!  This proven method has been used for years

by snow removal companies in Canada and the northeastern United States.  Smart Snow is excited

to be the first to bring this technology to our area...and to you, our valued snow plowing client!

What does this mean?

Snow is more evenly dispersed.

No more giant snow piles at the end of your driveway or other inconvenient locations!

Less potential for damage to your drive.

More snow can be handled at one time so we don't have to make as many swipes on your driveway!

Better service.

We can get much closer to many objects than we can with a typical plow.  That means more area is cleared - and a better job!

Less noise.

While a tractor certainly isn't silent, you may be surprised to know that it's actually no louder than a truck.  Plus, instead of hearing a plow hitting the drive over and over again, you can rest easy knowing that a snowblower is getting the job done!

Minimal if not "0" lawn damage.

We will not have to drive or plow snow onto your grass


Click here to see it in action!

Available now in select service areas - call or request a free quote for more details. 


Commercial & HOA

Each year, we only accept a limited amount of new work in order to guarantee complete dedication to the accounts we maintain.  We are a hands-on company that goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.  By offering various programs and contract styles, we allow you the opportunity to customize your service depending on the requirements and budgetary needs of your specific property.  If our standard contractual agreements are not applicable to your needs, one of our sales managers will be happy to work with you to develop an agreement suitable to your requirements.


A Per Push Contract is available for clients that prefer to pay each time snow and ice is removed, plowed, etc.  Services will be performed and charged at a rate that equals the agreed contract price reflecting the amount of snow on the ground at the time of service.  Salting and ice melter will be charged at a per application rate.


This includes a seasonal snowfall "cap" before reverting to another pricing structure such as "Per Push".  A Seasonal plan is available for clients who want to pay for the entire season and not have to worry about payment after each push.  Salting and ice melter will be charged at a per application rate.

An All-Inclusive Seasonal Plan is also available which includes Salting and ice melter applications at a fixed rate. 


This type of contract is only utilized for hauling and/or removal of excess snow.


​Our Snow Clearing Services

  • Plowing

  • Snow Hauling and Removal

  • Salting, Pre-Treating and De-icing

  • Snow Blowing and Shoveling

  • Salt and Ice Melter Sales

​Our Parking Lot Equipment

  • 4x4 Pickup Trucks

  • Single Axle Dump Trucks

  • Tandem and Tri-Axle Heavy Duty Dump Trucks

  • Track Loaders & Front End Loaders with Box Plows

  • Bulk Salt Spreaders 

​Our Sidewalk Equipment

  • Hand Shoveling Equipment

  • Salt Spreaders

  • Small & Large Snow Blowers

It doesn't matter which type of contract you choose, just be sure the professional who will clear snow on your property is qualified, experienced and prepared.


As one of the top family owned and operated snow removal businesses in the state, with CSP and ASM certified team members, we take snow seriously.  We believe it's critically important to educate our clients about the risks associated with careless snow services.

Ultimately, snow removal in Cleveland is emergency response.  It's all about protecting the safety of people who visit, work and live on your property.


Snow Service Areas

LOCAL service areas include the following communities:

  • Olmsted Falls

  • Olmsted Twp.
  • Berea (select streets listed below)​
    • Adrian Drive

    • Anne Drive

    • Beeler Drive

    • Brighton Drive

    • Chapel Circle

    • Cranston Drive

    • Crossbrook Drive

    • Edgewood Drive (south of West street)

    • Franklin Drive

    • Girard Drive

    • La Paz Boulevard

    • Merrimak Drive

    • Pattie Drive

    • Perham Drive

    • Race Street

    • Sterling Circle

    • Wyleswood Drive

REGULAR service areas include the following communities:

  • Berea (remaining areas not listed at left)

  • Columbia Station

  • Fairview Park

  • Middleburg Hts.

  • North Olmsted

  • Rocky River

  • Strongsville

  • Westlake


off your residential contract when you

signup and send a

deposit by

October 15th!

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